Empowering communities to become financially independent

Accounts Plus is a full-service management consultancy specialising in helping organisations achieve long-term success through highlighting financial management and improvement of internal processes. We focus on designing, developing and implementing compelling and impactful programs, tools, research, program evaluations and campaigns involving finance. The organisation also provides strategic direction and tactical support to organisations contemplating their overall approach to operational efficiency.

Accounts Plus Uganda Limited was launched in 2011 with a goal to raise financial literacy competencies among Ugandan SMEs, NGOs, entrepreneurs, students, government staff, and community members. Combining live events, financial education-based contests, an eLearning centre and interactive experiences, Accounts Plus has built an authentic, dynamic capacity building experience while giving clients access to practical venture building and advisory services.

To date this initiative has included more than 100 organisation transformations and 5,000 personal capacity building programs for beneficiaries from all walks of life. In addition, our one-off service offerings, we also have over 100 corporate subscribers to our business process outsourcing services. We are continually taking our programs online and utilising mobile learning also adapt to the rapidly changing environment.

There is a financial illiteracy epidemic on our continent of Africa. Scalable solutions are needed to address this problem. We are doing our part to contribute to the financial literacy movement in a meaningful way. We want to be part of a long-term solution to make positive impact on the financial lives of people in your communities, while contributing toward SME’s business and philanthropic objectives.

Accounts Plus is dedicated to creating an Africa where people are informed to make qualified financial decisions that improve their lives, the lives of their loved ones, and the lives of people they impact. As Accounts Plus, we believe in enabling people to live their best possible lives, which entails being financially secure and independent. That’s why we're committed to educating and empowering Ugandans to make informed financial decisions. Through financial literacy and education projects we can ensure a better future for all.

We are confident we can deliver results in the financial literacy and consumer protection spaces because we have done so for years, as individuals and as a team, at the highest levels. Few in the world possess the expertise and experience in promoting financial wellness. Our team designs, develops and implements financial literacy, management training and support programs. We are always carrying out research into challenges facing the financial literacy. The Accounts Plus team is made up of individuals who are passionate about helping people improve their financial capabilities and promoting the overall financial literacy movement.

Our solution consists of a wide range of services and we would be happy to talk with you about how we may help your organisation reach its objective. While each engagement is customised to our client’s needs, below are the five categories of services our projects generally fall into:

1. Business Process Outsourcing Business process outsourcing: we offer companies support in the secondary processes within their operations as we let them focus on the primary money-making activities. Our outsourcing services include but are not limited to bookkeeping, tax filing, human resource management, marketing and IT support. Ultimately the goal of every business is to make money so being able to not only manage finances but also gauge whether the undertaking makes sense is very important and our experts are ready to provide the necessary insights.

2. Business Advisory Services Business advisory services: under this we carry out a business transformation process that includes assessing the present condition of the business, determining the long-term and short-term goals and developing the systems, processes and strategy to enable the company to achieve those goals. Our expertise is in finance, operations, market research, data analysis, system development and human resource.

3. Capacity Building Services

Capacity building services: we offer training to organisations, communities and individuals in different areas including; financial management (our core offering), leadership, team building, marketing, computer literacy, technology transfer and so much more.

4. Venture Building Services

Venture building services: for entrepreneurs who are new to the business environment in Uganda, we offer a suite of services that includes market research, development of business plans, company registration, set up of tax compliance, office space set up, staff recruitment and connection to investors, suppliers & financiers.

5. Expat Support Services

Moving to a new country rises dozens of bureaucratic and practical daily life issues that need solving – from arranging immigration procedures to finding a home, a General Practitioner or a good school for the children. We take care of all of those matters for expats with services including; setting up businesses or taking on employment offers in Uganda by securing work permits, securing accommodation, co-working space and

Since early 2011, the members of Accounts Plus team have been giving our clients access to the unique experience we have gained from our time in government, non-profits/civil society, academia and the business world. Because of this perspective, clients from each of these sectors immediately feel as if they are talking to “one of their own” when discussing potential projects.

Typically, we are able to describe for them, unaided, the unique challenges and competing priorities that they are likely facing. We ask the right questions and truly listen to their responses. Achieving that common ground early with clients allows our consultants to quickly apply our substantive expertise as we fashion a solution for each client’s specialised needs. Thoroughly understanding each project’s perils and potential from the outset empowers us to achieve near-flawless execution and deliver results that regularly exceed client expectations.

We offer free initial assessment of business needs and present a proposal detailing the solution we propose for the client and including a reasonable quotation for the services should the client choose to agree. We employ a variety of tools chief of which is the 7S Framework to ensure that our solutions have a lasting impact on our clients. Our pricing is fair and competitive but customised to each client’s specific needs. Client’s receive the quotation along with a technical proposal.

Impact Numbers

o 287 happy clients

o Over 90 successful projects

o Over 4,700 people impacted

o 7 awards received


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Plot 2530, Gaba Road, Kampala



Tel: +256-393 241 504

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